Frequently Answered Questions

Are Birth Certificates Required?

Yes if your child is playing football, these can now be obtained for a small fee at the local DMV.

What school does my child need to attend to play?

There are no residency requirements, our league encourages players to play with the school they attend. That said local christian schools and Saint Paul Elementary students have always been welcome at our program. Due to the consolidation students at SPES have the option to play for CYFC or for Eastside Youth Spartans both groups understand that students may change schools when starting high school and there is no conditions between our two programs. It should also be noted CYFC recieved the equipment from the now defunt SPYF Program at consolidation.

When does normal registration open?

Normal registration opens in the month of May. We offer an extended payment plan option that opens in Feburary.

What do I have to furnish?

Parents are required to purchase their childrens shoes or cleats, CYFC provides the rest!

What other fees might I incur?

After the registration fee we do not require any further payment to play. We do offer an incentive program to earn a hoodie by selling raffle tickets, we sell parent shirts and other merchandise at reasonable prices, we sell picture packages, Homecoming programs and ads, and operate a concession stand. These help us raise further funds for equipment replacement and other items for the program. We are a non-profit group and all monies raised are reinvested in the program. In general registration fees simply cover the cost directly associated with your child playing; insurance premiums, jersey, or uniform, and player apprication gifts at the end of season. These additional funds raised are vital to the continuation of our program and we encourage everyone to participate.

Who is in charge?

Previously CYFC was ran like a for profit business, in 2015 that changed to a board directed 501(C)3 Non-Profit. We have a 9 member Board of Directors in place who make our program work. These members are elected per our bylaws and currently our President is Kimberly Fields. If you need to contact a board member or coach please visit our contact page.

Why did you change to online registration?

To be blunt paperwork, we needed 5-7 forms per child to get all the information we needed/were required to obtain. The new system streamlines the entire process not just for the BOD but also you the parent. It also allows us to better manage and continue to offer our payment plans.


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